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VidRaider PRO Commercial License Review- Product Review


VidRaider PRO Commercial License Review

VidRaider PRO is a One-Stop Solution for All Your Video Editing Needs!

Amidst pandemic, when the world is isolated and most of the businesses have switched to online versions, it’s important to remain active on social media channels. Square videos are undoubtedly the best way for businesses to stay connected with the audience. However, the videos you make needs to be appealing and you’d certainly need video editing software to make attractive videos. If you are looking for a video editing software, then this VidRaider PRO Commercial License review may help you buy the right one.  

What is VidRaider PRO?

VidRaider is an intuitive video editing software that enables creating captivating square videos for your social media posts or ads in a simple and easy way. Since it comes with a simple interface, the cloud-based video creating software is easy-to-use and allows making square videos conveniently.

If you are new to square videos, information here is worth reading.

Intro to Square Videos: Why You Should Use One

Square videos, as the name signifies are video presentation with square orientation. Square format outperforms all other video presentations including landscape, horizontal and vertical when it comes to average views, customer engagement, and completion rate. You must go Square while making videos for social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

Square Videos take up 78% more space on social media platforms and appears eye-catching- especially when viewed on the mobile screen. Square videos are at present the most engaging content on both Instagram and Facebook, ideal to promote your product.

Facts About Square Videos

In this VidRaider PRO review, I’ve tried to bring extensive information related to the software and square videos to the readers.

  • Square videos get 30% to 35% higher views
  • Facilitates 80% to 100% increase in customer engagement
  • Occupies 78% more space on mobile newsfeed (appears more appealing)
  • 50% lower cost per click on social media channels
  • Square videos are supported on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter
  • 92% of total Facebook users use a smartphone to access the app. Square videos with 1:1 ratio are ideal for Facebook as they get displayed perfectly on a smartphone screen.


If you wish to purchase VidRaider Pro Commercial License, please click the following link.

**Affiliate Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links! If you purchase VidRaider PRO Commercial License through this link, I’ll earn a small commission. RELAX, you won’t pay a penny more**

Benefits of Creating Videos with VidRaider PRO

Create Unlimited Videos

You can create unlimited videos using VidRaider Pro Commercial License as there’s no restriction imposed on usage.

Easy to Use Drag & Drop

Drag and Drop feature makes it easy to use the software and you probably do not need to have any technical expertise to operate the tool.

Access to Stock Images & Videos

VidRaider PRO integrates Pixabay and Unsplash API, so you can access stock images and videos right from the software interface.

Enables Adding Soundtrack

The software incorporates a built-in soundtrack database. It allows you to upload your own music files while eliminating the need to use another tool to add soundtrack.

Cloud Based Video Editing

With a few clicks, you can upload your square video to Cloud library. You can access the software on a smartphone, desktop, laptop, or tablet.

Limitless 24X7 Access

VidRaider PRO Commercial License allows round the clock access. You can use the software to create, edit, or download videos right from anywhere and anytime, while on the go.

Why Use VidRaider PRO Commercial License?

Simple answer is to equip countless benefits that many renowned video editing software doesn’t deliver. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits.

  • Create unlimited videos
  • Unlimited image stock
  • Full access- no restrictions
  • Facebook Community
  • Allows selling videos
  • Premium Support



VidRaider PRO Commercial License Review is incomplete without exploring the workability of the software. It is simple, straightforward software with a self-descriptive interface. The software works in 4 simple steps.

  1. Select & Edit Image
  2. Add or Edit Colors
  3. Add Music
  4. Finish


Anyone who wants to create limitless videos in few simple steps can use the VidRaider PRO. It’s meant for a wide range of users including, but not limited to:

eCommerce Owners

VidRaider PRO Commercial License allows eCommerce owners to post video content on Instagram in few simple steps and run ads effectively with better results. With square videos built using VidRaider PRO, online stores can drive more traffic.

Small Business Owners

Nowadays, businesses use square videos for promoting their products and services on their social media channels. A large volume of businesses is using VidRaider PRO as the software allows creating and sharing videos quickly without any technical know-how.

Social Media Marketers

For social media marketers, VidRaider PRO is undeniably a boon as it empowers them to promote their product in a most trending manner- square videos. The reason why most marketers are using VidRaider PRO is probably that the square videos gets 30 to 35% more views with 80 to 85% better conversions.

Freelance Video Editors

Freelance video editors deal with dozens of promotional videos in their daily routine. Why spend hours to create one simple square video? How about creating square videos efficiently within few minutes and invest the rest of the time in other activities.

Non-Profit Organizations

VidRaider PRO Commercial License is a perfect video editing software for non-profit organizations. Since square videos cost less to run on social media channels, make sure that the next campaign is cost-effective by using the reliable software.


The best thing is that you can use VidRaider PRO Commercial License to test its features and functional procedure. Certainly, 30 days’ time is sufficient to understand the software. And if you are not satisfied with its functionality, the company assures to refund your money back in 30 days period (beginning from the day you applied for refund).


To sum up, VidRaider PRO appears to be an efficient software that eases the video editing tasks. Commercial License is meant probably for a wide number of users right from individual freelancers to small business organizations. In addition, with a user-centric interface, the functionality of the software seems to be simple and straightforward. Undoubtedly, anyone with little to no technical knowledge can use the software for editing videos.

I hope this VidRaider PRO Commercial License review will certainly help you make the right decision. If you wish to buy VidRaider PRO Commercial License software at an affordable $47 price, please click on the link below.

**Affiliate Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links! If you purchase VidRaider PRO Commercial License through this link, I’ll earn a small commission. RELAX, you won’t pay a penny more**

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