Hi, I’m Nirti Singh

I’m a freelance content writer who writes captivating content that attracts, engage, inform and converts. I am providing freelance content writing services globally since 2013. My client base includes entrepreneurs, small businesses, digital marketing agencies, and startups.

With a clear vision to deliver excellent content writing services to global clients, I always focus on providing an outstanding content copy that speaks your business goals, engage and convert customers.

About nirtisingh.com

Welcome to nirtisingh.com. A pure blog-rich platform that offers a wide range of SEO, Content Writing, Technology, and Loisir (leisure) blogs to the readers.

People often think that blogging is all about sharing personal stories and experiences.

Well! That’s certainly not true…

Here, you’ll get information on a variety of topics in different niche. Whenever I prepare an article, I always consider putting in as much information as I can.

Certainly, this blog focuses on bringing updated and most recent information to the readers on popular and trending topics.

Moreover, each article is created after performing thorough research and collecting relevant information through trusted resources. The information is thereafter refined to create a perfect piece of content.

It’s an ‘all-ages’ reading platform. Therefore, I always try to make complex information easier so that readers of all ages can understand it.


Bringing to the readers, what the internet is talking about.

Things I discuss on my blog:

If you wish to hire me as your freelance content writer, please email your content requirements and contact details at info@nirtisingh.com or nirtisingh28@gmail.com. I’ll get back to you!

Expert Content Writing Services Globally

Some of the best freelance content writing services provided by me include, but not limited to:

  • Writing scripts for explainer video as per brief provided by the client
  • Creating website content aligned to business goals and objectives
  • Writing unique and user-centric content for data recovery software products, applications and services; cloud hosting services
  • Analyzing and understanding the product specifications to write instruction manuals and user guides explaining features and functional criteria of the product
  • Writing installation guidelines and detailed information on software’ operational procedures
  • Writing maintenance tips for data recovery software products (for the technical and non-technical audience)
  • Preparing a complete guide on the installation procedure, product activation and guidelines on updating the product
  • Analyzing updates and modifications made to the product features or design and prepare content explaining specific updates
  • Writing analytical and detailed content for blogs, articles, knowledge base articles, informative articles, online content for data recovery products and services
  • Writing accurate information about technical support services being offered for product queries
  • Ensure that all content is delivered on time under a strict time schedule
  • Deliver technically correct and grammatically flawless content

Area of Expertise

I help businesses hook more customers by telling their compelling stories and sharing useful information in:

  • Articles
  • Blogposts
  • Scripts
  • Ghostwriting
  • Website Content
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Brochures/ Company Profiles
  • Editing big stories- traditional print business books

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nirti-singh-030b48145/