Best Nintendo Switch Games 2023

Even though it turned a little older, Nintendo Switch is still ruling the gaming market with a world-class library of exciting games. Whether you are looking for action, adventure, puzzle, simulation, or anything in between, you can find something to enjoy on the Switch.

The easily accessible console allows users to enjoy the best Nintendo Switch games available for all age groups. The article enlists some of the best games you can play with family or friends. If you are looking to explore the robust library, scroll down as there’s a lot to pick from.

Super Mario Odyssey

Nintendo Switch Games

Looking for the most refined version of the great Mario game that’s popular for the last two decades. With some modern improvements and upgrades such as maps, fast travel, and unusual tricks, the Super Mario Odyssey has become even more amazing. Some of Mario’s core joys are exploring new landmarks, busting puzzles, and running unstoppably to collect new items.

Metroid Prime

With dozens of upgrades and editions, the incredible Metroid Prime feels futuristic. The elevated visuals are elusive and more meaningful. The refined controls make the game more powerful and enjoyable than ever. Try Metroid Prime for an action-oriented fun-filled first-person shooting experience if you are looking for a great video game of all time.

The Legend of Zelda – Breath of the Wild

The Legend of Zelda - Breath of the Wild

The game is a masterpiece of open-world exploration and adventure, where you can explore a vast and beautiful land full of secrets, puzzles, and enemies. The Legend of Zelda is one of the best Nintendo Switch games that allow players to use various weapons, tools, and abilities to overcome challenges and discover new areas. Experience the enjoyment of taming and riding horses, gliding with a paraglider, cooking food, crafting items, and more.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

The fast-paced and exciting racing game, where you can race with your favorite characters from the Mario universe on various tracks inspired by different locations and themes. Use items to boost your speed or hinder your opponents, such as shells, bananas, mushrooms, lightning bolts, and more. You can also perform tricks and drifts to gain extra speed and coins.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The relaxing and charming life simulation game, where you can create your own island paradise and customize it to your liking. You can decorate your home, plant flowers, catch fish and bugs, craft items, visit other islands, make friends with adorable villagers, and more. The game is updated regularly with new content and events, and you can also play online with other players.

Nintendo Switch Games 2023


This game is a roguelike action game, where you play as Zagreus, the son of Hades, who tries to escape from the underworld. You have to fight your way through randomly generated rooms full of enemies and traps, using various weapons and abilities granted by the gods of Olympus. You can also interact with various characters and learn more about the story and lore of the game. The game is challenging but rewarding, as every death makes you stronger and unlocks new options.

Splatoon 3

A colorful action shooter game that is often considered one of the best Switch games. You can use various weapons and abilities to cover the ground and your enemies with ink and swim through your own color to move faster and stealthily. The game also features a story mode where you have to solve the mystery of the Fuzzy Ooze and a co-op mode that allows you to defend against hordes of Salmonids.

Olliolli World

Olliolli World is a Nintendo Switch skateboarding game that combines the thrill of tricks and combos with the exploration of a colorful and whimsical world. Players can customize their characters, unlock new boards and gear, and discover hidden secrets and challenges across four different regions. The game also features online multiplayer modes, leaderboards, and a level editor that lets players create and share their own skate parks.

So, these were some of the best Nintendo Switch games that you can play in your free time. For a seamless gaming experience, make sure that your laptop is working properly and is fully charged so that you won’t go out of power when playing the game.