Earn From These 3 Real Work-from-Home Jobs During COVID-19

Legit Work from Home Jobs to Earn Living during COVID CRISIS

We’re living in the era of advancements, where everything right from the travel destination details to flight ticket reservations are available in a single click on our smartphones. Undoubtedly, this generation is retrieving the most out of these inventions. However, despite having millions of innovations in the past decade, the world is still isolated today due to the global pandemic situation. Undoubtedly, technology makes us connected and united. Amidst pandemic, the good thing is that we’re able to comply with our work from home jobs quite efficiently. All the credit goes to tech tools and online platforms.

But the other side is not greener. A bitter fact is that billions of people have lost their jobs due to Coronavirus. All the countries across the continents are facing a considerable rise in the unemployment rate. However, entry level work from home jobs arises as a silver lining in the dark clouds of the pandemic, and people are opting for remote jobs to secure their income, career, and future. If you are among those who have lost their jobs and looking for a possible way to earn money in the future, then here’s the solution.

Work from Home Jobs is the Need of the Hour

Online Travel Booking

Online Travel Booking platforms allow individuals to earn commission and profits. If you are searching for remote jobs, then online travel booking websites are for you. You can earn a commission on each travel reservation made through some renowned travel booking portals. If you are thinking that airline reservations are shut down at present, then here’s the reason why becoming a travel agent is certainly a potential work from home option.

Due to sudden lockdown, many people are stranded at distant locations- waiting to return to their hometown. Probably, after the pandemic wind-up, people will plan to return back to their homes, to their countries of residence, and their workplace. There will be an immense increase in airline booking and reservations. So, let’s prepare for a brighter future and plan something outstanding to survive this era of crisis.

The extended lockdown has become tiresome. Many of us are looking forward to spending some good time at exotic destinations. This would be possible only when the COVID- 19 fiasco comes to normal. Undoubtedly, there’ll be a rapid rise in airline reservations after the clouds of pandemic shreds, and the airlines resume operations.

Therefore, it’s actually profitable to become a remote travel agent and start with work from home jobs. Nowadays, people have become prey to their comfort zones, they want everything on a click of a button.  So, don’t delay and turn the crisis into opportunity.

Content Writing/ Copywriting Jobs


Here comes the big player in the field of freelancing. Amidst pandemic and global lockdown, let’s take some time out from these lazy days and do something productive. If writing is your passion, you can simply start applying to work from home jobs open to beginners at various companies. Here, you have multiple options to start your career. Firstly, you can promote your resume to various small and medium organizations and ask for remote content writing opportunities. Alternatively, you may register on online content writing websites to get started.

Online content writing platforms such as freelancer.com, Upwork, Fiverr, etc. offer some of the legitimate work from home jobs to begin your career as a content writer. However, if you are still wondering how to start content writing as a career, then here is the complete guide.

Data Entry Jobs

Certainly, this is the simpler thing you can do to earn a living while working remotely. You may not be able to earn higher income from data entry jobs, but you can earn as much as necessary for survival. And if you get a good client or a challenging project, it can give a kick start to your career. You can earn a good amount if you get one quality project. You never know, luck may knock.

Tips to Begin Work from Home Jobs

  • Apply with confidence
  • Set a good price for your work
  • Never underestimate your skills
  • Schedule your daily tasks
  • Try to grab at least two projects
  • Thorough research is the key

No doubt, COVID has hit private organizations really hard, but all the sectors will bloom once again. IT, travel, hospitality, and other industries will surely resurrect and re-emerge from the vicious crisis.

A ray of hope is always there!

Hope these work from home jobs will help you resume your earnings.

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