Ultimate Guide to Customer Identity Access Management CIAM Platform

Customer Identity Access Management, often referred to as the CIAM platform, aims to manage customer identities while accessing corporate websites or online portals.

Indeed, it is a tiny unit of a much broader concept known as Identity Access Management (IAM). CIAM very much decides customer login experience in today’s digital era.

Delivering a smooth customer experience is undeniably a challenging task. Not just you require to ensure consistency, but the security of services too. One wrong step or a single inconsistency in the services can land you in an array of problems.

What Makes A Good Customer Identity Access Management Solution?


CIAM is also known as customer identity management platform, customer IAM, or consumer IAM. It enables you to securely gather and manage customer identities for digital platforms.

A good CIAM software aims at assisting businesses to:

  • Drive digital initiatives.
  • Understand customer relationship.
  • Streamline business operations.
  • Ensure a smooth customer journey

A reliable Consumer Identity Access Management platform incorporates a combination of features that includes, but not limited to:

  • Customer registration
  • Self- service account management
  • Single Sign-On
  • Consent management
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Access management
  • Data access governance
  • Directory services

Undoubtedly, your customers demand and deserve a better digital user experience, but it shouldn’t be at the expense of security.

Why Does Your Business need to Secure Customer Identities?

In the US, 83% of consumers claim that they would stop buying from a brand for several months on finding data breach while 21% say they would never return or deal with that brand again.


Research says businesses could lose as many as half of their customers after a data breach.

Undeniably, companies will experience significant revenue loss in the lack of a reliable Customer IAM solution in place, and many businesses may not be able to recover from this loss. 

You can manage your customers’ digital identities by deploying the CIAM software on-premises, on Cloud, or through the API-first IDaaS (Identity-as-a-Service) platform. 

CIAM platform is a single storage point for all digital identities. It links customer management, customer identification, sales, services, marketing, business intelligence smoothly and seamlessly.

Why is CIAM Solution Important for Your Business?

Research says that customer service is the most significant business opportunity for many B2B companies, followed by content marketing, data-driven aspects, video-marketing, and social platforms.


Investing in customer experience (CX) initiatives and best practices can upsurge your revenue by 2X within 36 months.  

Nevertheless, customers will spend more if they like the customer journey that your business provides. And they will become your loyal customers.

Interestingly, 86% of customers are ready to pay extra for excellent customer experience. 

However, no matter what delivery mode you choose for your business, the focus is to secure the digital application access seamlessly. So, make sure to deliver a frictionless customer authentication experience.

A secure login experience is something that you can ensure to your customer to keep coming back.

Most importantly, every customer and business demand data security, and a perfect CIAM identity platform incorporates features that enhance safety in many ways. 


Today, the world is moving beyond simple user access to complex data monitoring for achieving a comprehensive and better understanding of each user profile.

With the latest advancements in identity management and personal data protection, the CIAM platform is a solution that can bridge the gaps between customers and technology.

It’s crucially important for any business to ensure the online security of user’s data while delivering outstanding customer experience.

CIAM solution assures your user’s online safety while simplifying online experience across various digital platforms.


Today’s businesses are putting in all possible efforts for providing a secure customer journey by protecting customer data, and the credit goes to customer access management solution.

A perfect CIAM platform must incorporate significant key components as well as advanced features such as enhanced protection, frictionless access, and scalable performance.

However, a reliable CIAM vendor with the right skills and resources can assist you in the seamless deployment of on-premise or cloud-based CIAM solution. 

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