How to Become a Highly Paid Content Writer

Become a Highly Paid Content Writer and Be in Demand With These Tips

Content Writing is among the most skilled jobs that require knowledge and expertise to write a structured piece of write-up. But are you one of the writers who struggle to get an excellent price for your content. It seems quite hard to find a well-paid client, but it’s possible to get one. One great thing about writing is that it offers two parallel ways to make money, and the path you select will decide how much you can earn per month. Regardless of the path you choose, here are the tips on how to become a highly paid content writer and earn more money.

Being a Content Writer, you can either select to join a corporate firm that can pay a handsome salary every month. The prospects of getting a highly-paid content writing job depend on one’s experience, skills, and knowledge in a particular domain. Another way to earn money is freelancing; yes, you can make huge money by taking freelance projects at an affordable price.

Tips to Become a Highly Paid Content Writer

If you select to be a freelance writer, then there are few things that you need to understand to make the most of it. Let’s discuss the ways practice in which you can become a highly paid content writer. For this, you have to work hard on finding the right client that can pay the actual cost for the quality content.

Find your Niche


To become a highly paid content writer, start with polishing your knowledge and core skills. The more you practice, the more you expertise the subject. Keep refining the topics and start bidding on those gigs while building a strong portfolio.

Keep reading some of the popular blogs to understand the topics that are in demand and how readers respond to a well-written article. You must find two or three subjects that interest you and start reading the information on the relevant topics.

Build A Client Base


Several writing platforms allow you to place a bid on projects of your choice. For a certain period, keep your content rate low so that you can underbid other writers for getting the plans. Try to enter the industry by charging as low as you can for your first few projects.

The low price you charge initially will not set the rate of your content piece. It is one of the tricks to gain access to the projects and know the clients. It helps to build a network and let you know other writers through online channels.

Slow & Steady Price Updates


The upside of keeping the content rates low at the initial level is that it will let to build a database of clients, and they will get to know you and your work. Moreover, you will gather a few samples of your work ready with you. Now, you are all set for the next step.

To become a highly paid content writer, make a slight increase in the price of your content frequently. It can be either on a project basis or on per word basis. If you maintain the quality of your content, you will get more work from the clients. Now, it’s your call if you want to work at the older rates or slightly increase the price graph.

Give Suggestions & Advice


Build a strong relationship with all the clients you work with as it will help to get more work. For freelance writers, it is of immense importance to work with the same client as it makes the writer as well as the clients comfortable in terms of specifications.

The writers can more precisely understand the instructions as he knows the client and the project comparatively better. Slowly and steadily, you will earn your client’s loyalty and encourage your client to surge content price.

Step Forward towards Advanced Freelance Projects


When you develop the right level of trust with your clients and when you thoroughly know their product, start advising the client on refining the marketing strategies. As a writer, you know the type of audience you write for as well as you are well profound with what customer needs, so your clients will value your suggestions.

Now when you are all prepared to work as a freelance writer, let’s begin to discuss the more advanced strategies to become a highly paid content writer. You can quickly become one by practicing the tips mentioned herein.

Building trust by offering an absolute value is the primary way to build a relationship with your clients. Following these step by step guidelines will allow you to contact the client even before they express interest in hiring you for their projects.

1. Make a list of clients you would like to work with at regular intervals of time.

2. Search for their official websites and contact them for further discussions

3. Include a ‘Letter of Introduction’ in your email and tell them what benefits their business can retrieve while working with you.

4. Introduce them to the core business marketing requirements by asking if their business website is lacking a professional blog?

Demonstrate how you can help them get more shares on their social media profiles. Also, suggest how an improved content marketing strategy can help their business grow and how you can contribute. Explain how you will be the right content to write for their business.

Even if you couldn’t be able to make it or get the project, at least you have successfully created a connection. Remember to contact your clients every few months to tell them that you are still available and interested in working with them. 

Find Leads on LinkedIn


Not you have become a professional writer; so, you must be having a LinkedIn profile by now. Don’t leave it untouched for weeks or months. For writers, LinkedIn can prove to be an effective platform to get more projects. If you have a LinkedIn profile, hit it as your first resource to find a client to fill up the empty slot in your work schedule.

1. Check your LinkedIn profile every two days (if not every day) and check out what’s new and what’s happening in the network.

2. Check who has checked your profile by clicking on ‘Who viewed your profile’ feature. If they look like an ideal connection, proceed further and ask them how you can help.

3. Since LinkedIn is not a personal platform, accept requests from strangers. Never ignore any connection request from even strangers; since you never know they may be your next client.

4. It is not necessary, yet recommended that you send a ‘Thank You’ note whenever someone accepts your friend request. If you want, you can turn on your first conversation by asking your new connections about what they or what domain they are working in.

Go for Big Guest Posts


Guest posting is a number one content marketing strategy every blogger adopt and practice. It helps to build connections with successful and renowned bloggers. Before you begin to write the blog, install the Google Analytics tool on your blog, and analyze the source from where you are getting most of the traffic.

Spend your time in writing a massive content, do as much R&D as you can to make it a whole bunch of information – on whatever topic you are writing. 

Spend a couple of hours on framing a blog and make every second count to gain customer engagement. Once the post is completed, proofread the content to check for grammar and any typo errors. Once done, repeat the process to ensure every single sentence reflects the intent of the post in the right manner.

Make sure that the blog successfully fulfills its core objective and spreading the original message correctly. When your post gets accepted, do not forget to link it to your social media account. Answer every comment in a polite; yet professional way so that the readers feel attended.

This way, you will become a regular contributor, and the readers will begin to recognize you. With experience and expertise in any one area, you will soon become a highly paid content writer.

Local Businesses Can Be A Turning Point


Yes, you might begin to get a couple of international assignments by now, but do not forget the clients next door. Identify the clients who are looking for local freelance writers and discuss your content quotes with them. They may be looking for quality content, which you can guarantee them at the cost you decide.

You can even start writing for local magazines. Do not underestimate the power of pamphlets that you might have received with your morning newspaper. Look for the companies who are spending extravagantly on ads. This can be your next client, so search for their contact information and have words with them to know if they are looking for a copywriter.

Check out their blogs to see if they have well-written content. You may contact the concerned person to suggest major tweaks that can improve its outlook and boost up their business graph. List down all the findings and suggest changes that you can make to their already existing blog. Wait for their answer; in most cases, the client reverts in ‘Yes’.

Realize the value of your work and ask for a good content price, and you will certainly become a highly paid content writer.

Don’t Take Freelancing Lightly…At Any Cost!


Sometimes, it is hard to believe people who say that they are not taking up freelance projects for earning; instead of writing is their passion. Blah..Blah..Blah!

You should feel proud to be a freelance writer. Though content writing is an underrated job, people have begun to understand the importance of quality content. Focus on your writings and make freelance your earning goal.

Make it your aspiration to make good money out of this profession, and this can only be done once you take your writings and your job seriously. Prioritize your requirements and determine the amount that you need to earn every month out of this profession.

Do you want to earn 50,000 per annum, or your goal is to cross the five-figure monthly earnings? Figure out exactly how much you want to draw on a monthly basis. Then zoom in your imagination to weekly income, next think about the weekly figure and strategize your writing schedule based on how much you want to earn on an hourly basis.

It may come as a surprise, though when it comes to maximum earning for Content Writers, Sky is the limit. All that the content writing profession demands are the passion and dedication to write unique, original, and engaging content.

Set your Work Guidelines


Not to mention, clients will try to bargain now and then, but it’s entirely your call whether you want to work at the client-defined price or you will stick with your price tag. Well, when you have become an experienced writer, you can talk to your client about the quality and uniqueness that you intend to deliver in all your projects.

If you are setting reasonable content rates, the client, on the other hand, is also looking for quality services. Demonstrate how the content written by you stands out from other writers. Trust it; if you give solid arguments and clarify your points effectively, your client will understand it.

If your client still asks for negotiation, either lookout for an alternate solution by settling down the issue mutually or move on with your next project. It’s not recommended to turn away well-paying clients, so think twice before you make a move.

Rules & Guidelines for Freelance Writing

Freelance Writing is governed by several regulations and guidelines. You must follow these rules while making up your package of writing services. Your comprehensive writing solutions must include:

  • Three rounds of edits as per specifications instructed by the client
  • Let the marketing and promotional tactics top the list
  • Add new skills to deliver comprehensive and exclusive writing solutions

If you are not bidding the gigs on freelance writing platforms, then finding a job with a renowned company is a last option. Once started, you can easily visit the client whenever necessary.


The tips and guidelines stated in the post will help you become a well-paid writer. However, you need to understand that Content Writing is not something that makes you fruitful and productive overnight. Instead, it demands patience, hard work, and of course, dedication for writing.

To sum up, it is apparent that you need to invest time and dedication to earn recognition as a freelance writer. The progress may appear to be slower at first but focus on building up a strong network to get more business projects. Last but not least, keep polishing your writing skills and regularly work on your writing style to get the desired results.

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