SEO Interview Questions for 2020 (General + Advanced)

Many of us have lost our jobs due to the global crisis, and are eagerly looking for a new opportunity. If you are one among those who are searching for a reliable job profile then you are at the right place. Digital marketing is certainly one such industry that will bring new opportunities to the job seekers once this pandemic…

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Content Writing

How to Become a Highly Paid Content Writer

Become a Highly Paid Content Writer and Be in Demand With These Tips Content Writing is among the most skilled jobs that require knowledge and expertise to write a structured piece of write-up. But are you one of the writers who struggle to get an excellent price for your content. It seems quite hard to find a well-paid client, but…

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5 Easy Steps to Become Rich in 2020

How to be Rich? A Complete Guide to A Richer 2020 If you want to be a rich person, learn to live on less. But do you think this is practical? We earn to live a decent life, though we need to think about our retirement life too. If you are searching for how to be rich, then you are…

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Are you Using Face Detection Technology? Here’s What You Must Know

Face Detection Technology- How it Works, Security, and Applications By 2025, the global face detection market could generate around USD 10.15 billion in revenue. Face detection technology is highly used in Singapore, China, Japan, and the United Arab Emirates. Is your country ready to adopt face recognition technology? In China, face recognition technology is helping users in tracking their medical…

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