How to Stay Fit While Freelancing? Let Freelancing & Fitness Go Side-by-Side

Tips to Stay Fit While Freelancing

Freelancing cost you more than time as you compromise with your fitness and that without even knowing. Have you ever realized that? I bet you haven’t!

You can easily find ‘stay fit and healthy tips’ everywhere- from your friends, on the web, etc.; but it’s quite challenging to implement those tips.

When you are working as a freelancer, you don’t usually take a quick break every hour or two.

You don’t often stretch or have fixed meal timings. Because you haven’t started sharp 10 in the morning or you don’t have to finish by 6 in the evening.

If you are a freelancer, you can easily relate. In fact, it’s equally important to stay fit while freelancing than it is in any other profession.

Freelancing means glued to your laptop for hours, without realizing the necessity to take a break or walk around for a couple of minutes.

Well, there are some not-so-difficult tips that you can easily follow without adding any strain to your mind. Moreover, it’s FREE-OF-COST!

Schedule your Work Hours

Being a freelancer equals to multitasking, i.e., managing home, maybe kids, and of course work and that from a single location.

It’s therefore crucial that you set your work hours. Schedule and manage your projects in such a way that you get enough time for you to relax and exercise.

Even if you are not spending time exercising, close your eyes and rejuvenate your mind and body by doing nothing for at least 30 minutes.

Self- Workout is the KEY


Amidst your busy work-home life, it can be challenging to take time out for a workout, but it’s necessary. If you desire to be a fit freelancer, make it happen- start today.

The sooner you start, the better!

It’s certainly not necessary to go out for a jog or join a gym. In fact, it is not practical and not even recommended in the current context of a global pandemic. 

Since there are quite a good number of helpful fitness apps available online, you can download one on your mobile phone to get started.

Set your Meals ‘Strictly’

Since we work from home, the significant advantage (or you can say ‘setback’) is that the kitchen is just a few steps away.

We have all-time access to yummy snacks and eatables, doesn’t mean that we can grab our favorite pack of chips any time of the day.

Though we have all the rights and freedom to throw a scrumptious treat while we are about to wrap up that complicated project; however, we must control.

Set your meal and most importantly – meal timings. It’s indeed one of the most helpful tips to stay fit.

Even if you are having a platter of snacks, have it just once or simply ignore it to cut those unnecessary calories. Try it out as this will definitely help shred some body fat.

Walk Around Every 2 Hours


Yes! It’s important. Freelancing, irrespective of the domain you are working for- makes you regularly sit for hours without realizing that you haven’t had a walk or took a break in the last 3 hours.

You are focused on completing your ongoing project before the scheduled deadline, and you are all freezing to make it possible.

It is admissible once in a while, but have you realized that you are repeatedly doing it every day. This needs to be changed to stay fit and healthy to make a living freelancing for years.

Stay fit, work longer.

Exercise or Yoga or Both


Make it a routine habit to spend at least one hour exercising or performing yoga activities. If you are wondering- which one better? The simple and straight answer is ‘Both, equally’!

So, you can do Yoga or exercise for a minimum of 30 to 45 minutes to burn extra calories. It also helps to revitalize your strength to get ready for another freelance project.

For those who often think ‘how to stay fit at home?’ the answer is simple- by indulging in some easy-to-do exercise and yoga activities.

When you are freelancing, you are actually working double-shifts – managing kids, home, and work altogether.

Undoubtedly, it would be best to have a healthier mind with a balanced mindset. So, you can stay fit with Yoga and regular exercising help you maintain a perfect lifestyle.

Final Words

Freelancing and fitness don’t seem to fit into a single frame, but they can. Only you can make it happen with your constant efforts.

It’s not really difficult to stay fit while freelancing, it appears to be though.

Hope you can now focus on scheduling your work hours efficiently and take time out for a light workout.

You can select to exercise regularly, or if you’re a yoga fanatic, it’s the right time to start. 

All the Best for your Fitness Regime!

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