How to Write Great Headlines that’ll get you More Traffic, Shares

That’s what most of the writers struggle with most of the time. Right?

So, what’s your biggest challenge when you are ready with a perfect piece of content?

Giving it a clickalicious headlines and a captivating page title. Right?

The page title is undeniably the most critical on-page element and the first thing that the readers notice.

It can make or break your page. It has to be attractive so that the readers can develop an urge to click on it.

The page title is prominently visible to the readers and anywhere your page is linked or shared. So, it’s crucial that you know how to write great headlines.

Page title is the first and foremost visible and clickable part that displays in the search snippet.


It is something that shows up in the link preview on sharing the article on social media.

More often than not, page title is what shows up in the browser tab. If there are multiple tabs open on the browser, page title (tab title) will drive the readers back to the page.


Simply put, an eye-catchy page title or headline can grab the reader’s attention.

Creating an effective page title can be challenging because it has to meet several factors to be SEO optimized. Here’s something you need to know about how to write great headlines.

  • It has to be keyword focused and must summarize the entire article.
  • SEO optimized title is one that is 50-60-character long.
  • It has to be attention-grabbing.

Powerful Tools to Write Great Headlines

For creating a captivating headline or page-title, all you need is a blend of smart creativity and helpful tools.


Ubersuggest, a multipurpose SEO suite is among the highly used keyword research tools. It’s easy-to-use even by novice.

For using the tool, you need to type in the desired keyword and it will display the ranking URLs for that particular keyword.

It helps finding out the most appropriate keywords that you can use in your page title to rank higher in the search engine listing.

Coschedule’s Headline Analyzer

The tool monitors your page title and headlines on the basis of several criteria which is quite compelling.

Word-choice analysis allows you to analyze the overall structure, grammar as well as readability of the page title or headline.

As soon as you enter the headline in the tool, it displays the headline score including the common words, uncommon words, emotional words, and power words.

How to Write Headlines that Drive Traffic?


If you are searching on how to write the best headlines, it’s obvious that you want to drive more traffic, you want to sound attractive on search engines, and you want your content to appear interesting.

Creating great page titles is a sure-shot way to make the content sharable and grow traffic by being more searchable on search engine listings. 


You can choose an appropriate headline style that best fit your post, based on the topic and your other preferences.

Among the tons of headline that you can give to your article. However, some get more traction than others. You can have a look at different kinds of headlines in the upcoming section:

List Headlines

List headlines is definitely a feasible way to raise your reader’s interest levels. The list post view provides a quick overview of your article to the readers to let them know if they’d like to dive in further.

Buzzsumo and OkDork have worked in collaboration to analyze stats that states list post headlines get higher social shares after infographics.


How-to Headlines

Though list post headlines are the most clear and concise way to give readers at the glance view of the overall content, how to headlines are something you’ll see everywhere.

The reason why ‘how to’ headlines are so popular is that they really work. The how-to articles are informative and educate readers on doing something better.

‘How to’ headlines aim at providing helpful content to the readers. When the readers search for something, it’s probably because they want advance and updated information on doing something better.


Question Headlines

Question headlines are framed to specify a question. These headlines are helpful for readers and answers their question when they click through it to read the content.


Typically question headlines include keywords so that they can appear on search engine listings.

Tips on How to Write Great Headlines and Page Title

  • To create a captivating headline, it’s important to select the right word balance
  • Headlines with 55-character length tend to gain the highest number of clicks
  • A powerful headline is one that includes at least 20 to 30% common words
  • An eye-catchy headline must include 10 to 20% of uncommon words
  • Use of one power word makes the headline more commanding
  • Emotional words should make up 10 to 15% of the headline
  • Email subject lines are ideally 20 characters long

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