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Talks about Search Engine Optimization is everywhere in the digital world. People often discuss it, but only a few actually know what is SEO and how it works.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s executing several techniques that improve your website’s visibility against relevant keywords or searches. These Search Engine Optimization practices make your site more visible on the search engines result page (SERP) for related searches.

With better visibility on SERP, your site is more likely to garner the attention of your audience and attract more customers to your business.


There’s no single definition for Search Engine Optimization. It is often referred to as the process or practices that we follow to optimize a site and its content to make it prominent on the search engine’s organic results listings. If you are still skeptical about what is SEO, read further for in-depth info.

The use of the right keywords or phrases at the right place in your content boosts the page ranking in the search engine. However, it demands a thorough understanding of what people search for and how a search engine works. 

Additional Information for SEO Aspirants

No doubt, Search Engine Optimization is all about having technical know-how combined with marketing knowledge. There’s a lot more to know in the respective domain for those seeking a successful career in the industry. 


However, if you are looking for an SEO executive job, make sure you have exceptional skills and outstanding knowledge of basic and advanced SEO topics. Your SEO resume is something that adds volume to your profile, so make sure to have a captivating one.

If you know what your website visitors are looking for, you will win the SEO game. To ensure higher search visibility and better ranking of the blog, article, or web page on the search engines, it must contain highly-optimized keywords.

So, the question comes what is SEO keywords and how to use them for attracting more traffic. Keywords are the set of words or phrases that gives an idea of what the content is about. The entire content revolves around the keywords.

What is SEO Keyword?

Keywords are the words that the searcher enters or types in the search query while looking for something.


Keywords that you use on your page must be relevant to what people are searching for. This way, your web page will have a better chance of appearing in the search result and is more visible to the readers while they are finding something relevant.

However, keywords are not the only aspect responsible for better rankings; there are other factors. To achieve better rankings, you must have a sound knowledge of on-page optimization techniques. So, what is SEO on page?

Google Ranking Factors- On Page

Well SEO on-page comprises of several best practices that ensure a higher ranking and more relevant traffic. Interviewers often ask candidates about the on-page optimization factors, and hence, it’s one of the commonly asked SEO interview questions .


On-page optimization factors include:

  1. Use of keyword in the title tag.
  2. Use of keyword in meta-description tag.
  3. Place the keyword in H1.
  4. Place keywords in the content body, but don’t overstuff them.
  5. Write original content and avoid duplicate copy.
  6. Length of the content matters; write long copy.
  7. Use the canonical tag on your site.
  8. Interlink your pages for better rankings.
  9. Link your content to authoritative pages.
  10. Include the primary keyword in the URL slug.
  11. Optimize images through alt text, description, and caption.
  12. Update your content often.

The way you optimize your web pages for having a Search Engine Optimized optimized website influences your websites’ ranking and visibility. If you are preparing for an SEO Executive interview, you can get useful tips on cracking your interview here.

What is SEO website?

Now when you are all set to begin the SEO walk, time to apply the best SEO practices to your site, regardless of how old or new your website is. An SEO-friendly website is highly optimized in terms of on-page optimization, off-page optimization, and domain optimization.


Those looking forward to securing a job as an SEO must read expert blogs such as MOZ, Search Engine Land, Search Engine Journal, and Ahrefs, to name a few. These blogs provide in-depth information on even the most complex SEO topics.

SEO is a vast topic; there’s much more to add to this article. Stay tuned for more information.

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